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08JAN2015: Updated ARDA Standards and evaluation forms are now online

SARDOM (ARDA-MD) K9 made a find after responding to a request from the Annapolis City police.
06 JAN 2015 - WMAR TV, ABC 2

VSRDA (ARDA-VA) was honored to offer numerous resources over multplie days in the search for Hannah Graham.
25 OCT 2014

VSRDA (ARDA-VA) 2-members of VSRDA with VATF-1 are deploying to Washingston state.
03 APRIL 2014

SARDOM (ARDA-MD) responded to a request for this search sending two K9 units with 2 flankers.
21 MARCH 2014 - MBAL TV, News 11


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