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ARDA History

Founded in 1972

The American Rescue Dog Association (ARDA), the nation's oldest air-scenting search dog organization, was founded in 1972 by Bill and Jean Syrotuck. The ARDA "concept" was a result of the Syrotuck's desire to provide the public with competent well-trained search and rescue personnel and canines. To achieve this goal, the Syrotuck's formed the American Rescue Dog Association by organizing various state rescue dog associations from across the nation in order to share training techniques, develop, uniform standards, and create a national alerting system for major emergencies.


ARDA standards and training methods have served as the model for canine search and rescue units across the nation and around the world. Some of ARDA's accomplishments include:

Notable Missions

ARDA Members and their canines have been involved in some of the following missions. Please note, in some of the following missions, ARDA handlers responded as members of a FEMA Task Force or state (USAR) urban search and rescue team.

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