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Where experienced individuals recommend finding gear,
for both K-9s and Handlers

Companies are listed in no particular order

Prices and availability based on quick search done in March 2011

The following companies are not officially endorsed by ARDA®



Ray Allen: Professional K-9 Equipment

Patrol Harness, leads, fans - nearly 60 years in business!
Items of interest: Bright Orange Patrol Harness ($69.95), Search or Rescue reflective strips ($5.95), Harness Strobe Carrier ($15.95), Harness Strobe Kit ($12.95), Leads (leather $25 - $39) & Kennel Accessories - Kennel fans ($17 - $60)

SAR Shop

SAR patches, Reflective collars, scent tubes, vests, Hi-Flow Graphics.
Items of interest: SAR Trading Cards ($45), Reflective "Search" dog collars ($40) & Nite-Dawg Lige-Up collar ($12).


Bright orange helmets & climbing gear.
Items of interest: Kiwi USAR Helmet ($288), SAR magnetic sign for car ($18) & K-9 SAR magnetic sign for car ($23.50).


Hand-made custom leather tugs by a leather smith with over 30years experience!
Items of interest: Leather tugs - small, large, long, short, wide, narrow, hard, soft, handles etc. All different types of leather from puppy-soft to shark-tuff. She also has a laser machine that can burn text into the leather.

Bridgeport Equipment

The spectrum of SAR K-9 needs - order the catalog for more options.
Items of interest: Leads (leather $25 - $39), Pinch collars ($7.35 - $15.50), Tugs: (leather, jute, suede, flax $13.95 - $28), SAR sling ($87 - $95), SAR vest ($42-45.50)


WireDog / PetJoyOnline

Vests, harnesses, badges, and custom solutions.
Authorized Distributor for Ruff, Ruff and Meow, Pretty-Smith, Cain and Able, Diva-Dog
Items of interest: Reflective Harness Patches ($7.95), Aluminum dog boxes and crates from $493 and up

Hallmark K9

Authorized Distributor for Gappay, Frabo, Tri-Tronics and CPN Nutrition
Items of interest:Gappay Leather Tug ($8 - $20), Jute Tugs ($13 - $16)& Gappay/Frabo Balls ($7 - $13)

Search Gear

Dog Vests, bells, etc...
Items of interest: K-9 First Aid Kit ($46), Orange Reflective Bikini vest ($49 & up) & Bear Bell with snap ($5.95)

OTL Tactical

TDUs/BDUs and 5.11 gear.
Items of interest: Tactical BDUs (TDUs) with reinforced pockets, velcro pockets, zipper-fly and kneepad inserts ($40 & up) & 5.11 reflective yellow weatherproof jackets

Rescue Northwest

SAR K9 Harness, designed by SAR handers, K9 Rappel Harness
Items of interest: K-9 rescue harness ($70.40) & K-9 Rappel harness ($104)

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