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Suspicious Package: 9/10/2004
@ Joyous Life (119 W. 23rd, Suite 700), $5

Boldfaced Liar improv What does a Boldfaced Liar look like? Swarthy? Oily?
Font size 12 Times New Roman heavily fonted? Maybe all
three. What we do know is that a Boldfaced Liar does
PIT-style longform improvisation, and does it for the
good of mankind. Okay, we lied...we do it because we
like to...very selfish.

Boldfaced Liar is Neil Van Kerkhove, Lauren Hunter,
Julia Wright, Arian Moayed, Mark Lee, Chris Grace,
Andrew Dickerson, and Rian Alfiero.

Andrew Fiori standup Andrew has been performing standup for over three years now as a regular in the New York circuit. His offbeat humor has been praised my critics alike and was chosen as a finalist in last year's Philadelphia Comedy Competition. When not performing, Andy is thinking about you.
Robotski improv Robotski is Francis Doehner, Julie Fiedler, Federico Hatoum, Daniel McCoy, Jacques Duvoisin, and Jonathan Kravetz. They've performed their patented* long-form improvisational hijinx at Variety Underground, Siberia, Royal Wood, Rififi, Above Kleptomania, and other NYC comedy hot-spots.
(*patent pending)
Hogwild standup HogWild's self-proclaimed "semi-hilarious" and silly satire will expose the truth of relationships, sex, elementary school, and all things bootleg. HogWild's stupidity has been published in Mad Magazine, heard on Clear Channel Radio, and witnessed by laughing audiences in Comic Strip Live, UCB Theater, and Stand-Up NY. www.hogwild.net
Mohamed/Ali sketch According to our friend Amey, we're adorable sketch comedy. And that's what we'll give you.