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The Robots

Francis Doehner
Francis (whose confirmation name was Xavier) began his acting career December 24, 1985, at the age of nine, as Joseph in the St. Mary's Christmas Pageant. He continued his religious stage training with six years as an altar boy, but considers his finest work writing and providing voices for the puppet performance of "Barbie and Ken's Wedding: The Celebration of a Sacrament!". Beyond the world of Catholicism, he has written for various media outlets including Spartan Speaks, Archway and the World Wide Web. He has studied improv at the UCB and the PIT and studied finance and economics at Bryant College in Smithfield, Rhode Island. He has been rejected from both Jeopardy and Who Wants to be a Millionaire both as a contestant and a writer, but has a much more talented girlfriend named Lindsay.

Jacques Duvoisin
Inspired by the contradictory messaging of Sprite's "Image is nothing, thirst is everything, obey your thirst...Sprite" campaign, Jacques Duvoisin, also a walking contradiction, searched for a forum where he might comfortably exercise his varied catalogue of faces. It was then, specifically August 24th, 2002, he began taking classes at the UCB theatre in NYC. Several levels and laughs later, Jacques teamed up with a few meloncholy dreamers to form the group Robotski. Since that time he has left the towering, garden filled mansions of North Central Jersey he used to call bad names, and moved to the east village. Now his spare time is filled with writing and recording hip-hop, iambic pentameter, boot cut lobbying, carb counting, recycling, and lady loving. However, in his full time, Jacques cherishes the friendships and experiences he shares as a proud Robot.

Julie Fiedler
Julie Fiedler has studied improv and sketch at UCB in New York and with the Berubians in Los Angeles. She has written and produced two short films and continues to write sketch and freelance pieces. She was a member of comedy sensation Jünk, which won UCB's Dirty Sketch contest, and is currently working on her own line of greeting cards.

Fozor (the Destroyer)
After studying world domination in Chicago, Fozor moved to New York City to be closer "to the seat of world power". When not planning his eventual subjugation of all mankind, Fozor lurks in the shadows of despair and in the hearts of the wicked. Mr. Fozor can be seen as Jud Fry in Village Theatre's production of Oklahoma!

Federico Hatoum
After doing short-form improvisation for years with his Carnegie Mellon-born group "Reality Optional" in Pittsburgh, Federico ("Fed" to the cognescenti) now valiantly attempts long-form improvisation with his patient Robotski colleagues. You may have seen Fed in commercials for Southwest Airlines, Sears and Lowe's, or on HBO's Real Sex (have no fear--he did not appear naked). Fed is also a filmmaker, writer and technologist. You can view his films and commercials at Hatoum.com. He enjoys huevos rancheros, and the company of his beautiful girlfriend.

Jonathan Kravetz
Jonathan Kravetz is a writer, editor and some time trumpet player who spends too much time reading long feature stories on the world wide web. He is a co-founder of the webzine DUCTS.org and founder of the New York based reading series, Trumpet Fiction, held each month at KGB Bar in the east village. He has held a number of odd jobs, including news reporter, taxi cab driver, projectionist and ducts installer and currently works as a computer consultant. He has recently taken up improv comedy as a way to discover finer and more glorious ways of embarrassing himself on a weekly basis.

Dan McCoy
Daniel trained in improvisation at The Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater. In addition to his improv work, he is an actor who has appeared in several plays (but you've never seen him in anything). As a freelance writer, his work has appeared in Jest and Modern Humorist, and he is the humor editor of the online magazine, DUCTS.org. His sketches have been performed on Seattle public radio program, Rewind, and NPR's Morning Edition. Although unemployed in the traditional "getting paid for work" sense, Dan used to intern with The Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC, and has many temp jobs to his credit. He lives in Brooklyn with his patient fiancee and a small impatient cat.