Building Hope, Extending Compassion
PEACE THROUGH PUPPETS is dedicated to provide puppets to soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan who are serving in Civil Affairs or on medical teams. A request for 2 hand puppets from a soldier that would fit into his slash pockets sparked a movement based on three principles.

1) Peace Through Puppets is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping U.S. Soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan use puppets to communicate with children affected by war.

2) To give a U.S. soldier a communication tool that will lessen human suffering and fear specifically in children.

3) To extend humanitarian compassion through the medium of puppets that overcomes the barriers of language and trauma.

We are currently accepting monetary donations as well as puppets.

For Monetary Donations, Feel free to donate any amount. However, a financial donation of $20 would pay for 12 soft animal puppets and the cost of mailing them.

Donate Through Paypal!

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For Puppet Donations, Email:

Please only send puppets that are commercially made or professionally crafted. Because of the severe climate and extreme heat, puppets that are not hand-sewn in a professional manner will not survive the rigors of the Iraqi landscape. Do not send puppets depicting Pigs or people in respect for Iraqi culture

Send your donation to this address:

Peace Through Puppets
P.O. Box 1231
Herndon, VA, 20172

Examples of types of
puppets that we accept