Welcome to TRIPPER.COM.

Here you are going to find the ramblings of a
Mad-Man who has been viewed as a GOD with an insane but understood
philosophy on life while reaching ZEN and being knocked down by
disenchantment only to reach ZEN again during which this incureable
romantic continues to emerge through the burning reckage left only to
wake-up on another day. Yesturday never was. Tomorrow will never be.
Today always is.

Feel free to send comments, suggestions, or your own views to jim@tripper.com.

But don't try to change my opinion for I would never try to change yours. Promise.


Mariah blows a chilly breeze while Orion guards the east moon casting
it's light upon eternal waves.

Reflections portray a dance of a million fire flies as the subtle
crashing sooths the souls.

Jupiter in the south creates a moments glance between two together by

>From there and then, to here and now, conversations flow on, with ease
and content as growth will allow.

Soon the moon flees Orion as the two draw near. Without hesitation.
Without any fear.

Intamacey comes alive under the waxing moons' light. Then to soon is the
time to say goodnight.

As the two depart from much needed slumber, what the future holds shall
remain as wonder.


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