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About Us

The Wonders meet every Tuesday night at 6:00 at The Christian Life Center of  Thomas Presbyterian Church in Eighty Four, PA.  We love to ride anything on one wheel.  We ride a variety of unicycles including giraffes (tall), Cokers (36" wheel), MUnis (for off road riding) and even a BC wheel that has no frame or seat!

Come join us for an evening and learn how to ride!

For more info or to book The Wonders for a show:    724-229-7141

The Wonders are an affiliate club of the Unicyling Society of America

The Wonders at the 2007 Canonsburg 4th of July parade.

Who can join The Wonders?     Anyone!  We have male and female members ranging in ages from 4 to 50 plus.  At other unicycling events, we have met unicyclists who were over 70 years old. 

What does it cost to join?     There is no cost to join, but we encourage unicyclists to pay $1.00 per practice as a donation to Thomas Presbyterian Church for the use of their multi-purpose room.

How many people attend the Tuesday night practices?     Typically we have 15 - 25 people coming to each of our practices.  Each at varying levels of ability.  Sometimes we work on group riding skills or play games like tag or follow the leader. 

When and where do you meet?     Our regular meetings are held every Tuesday night, from 6:00 8:00 pm.  We meet in the Christian Life Center of Thomas Presbyterian Church, 1068 Linden Road, Eighty Four, PA  15330.  The Christian Life Center is the large building behind the church. 

Do I need my own unicycle to come to a practice?     No, we have loaner unicycles of various sizes for you to try out for two or three practices.  If you decide you want to keep riding, then you are expected to purchase your own unicycle.  Several models of beginner unicycles can be purchased for under $100.00

Where can I buy a unicycle and what kind should I get?     Many of our members buy their unicycles from Unicycle.com.  There are many options for unicycles, we suggest you come to one of our meetings to discuss the best unicycle and to see and ride some of the ones our members are using.