"That Others May Live"

We are available for:

* Missing persons
* Natural disasters
* Building collapses
* Recovery of evidence
* Cadaver searches
* Drowning victims
* Public relation events
* Search management support

When someone is reported lost or overdue Mason Dixon Rescue Dogs (MDRD) is available to provide highly trained Air Scent K-9 teams to the responsible agency on a 24 hour basis. MDRD is a volunteer search and rescue unit that trains canine teams for many situations.

MDRD is a member of the American Rescue Dog Association (ARDA), a National organization that provides external testing standards to our unit. ARDA was formed in 1972 in Washington State and New Jersey. Since that time units have been added in 14 states and provinces. All ARDA units are required to pass a full unit evaluation every three years by outside evaluators. At this time the units' search management skills, base camp operations, and K-9 teams are evaluated against the national standards. The outside evaluation is unique to ARDA and exists to insure that the search teams that are provided have passed the most rigorous and exacting standards. This evaluation guarantees that any ARDA team called to a search scene will be able to respond in uniform in a consistent fashion.  For more information on ARDA, please visit their website at www.ardainc.org.

MDRD serves Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Welcome to our Site and Thank You for your Interest in Mason-Dixon Rescue Dogs.

MDRD is a 100% non-profit organization dedicated to providing search and rescue resources to responsible agencies at no cost. (read more)

We need your help! This work is very taxing on our members in both time and money, and as we do not receive any compensation or regular funding, we need people like yourself to help. Want to help us or get involved?Find out how you can!