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Last updated: 8/29/2009

New Picture gallery: Pictures from our trip to Buenos Aires in April (yeah, it took me a while).

New Projects:

Exciting new company that plans healthy travel retreats: Take a look at all the retreats they have to offer.

Check out Captains In Space, my new comedy video podcast project. The kids love it. By visiting the Captains In Space site, you'll be able to watch the premiere episodes. I encourage everyone to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes. Just search for "captains" in the iTunes interface. Captains will be first under Podcasts.

Also, I'll be doing a Spanish language podcast with my good friend Flavio about Macintosh computers called Puromac. It will be available on iTunes and elsewhere soon. Puromac es un podcast con noticias para tu Apple Mac en español.

Don't miss Adam Walden's insightful and hilarious account of his life as a New Yorker living in San Francisco: San Francisco is Weird.

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