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Greenpoint Press is proud to announce
publication of its newest book:

Long Gone, By Richard Willis

Life in the 1930s and '40s on the small family farms in eastern Iowa was threadbare and tough. It was made endurable by the web of humanity spun by the men and women who built their lives there. The land itself seemed indifferent to its relentless exploitation and yet people, towns, farms and landscape endured in some fashion. The best parts of the farm stayed with Richard Willis when he left, while the rest is long gone.

"Richard Willis' Long Gone evokes, with an unsentimental and mordant voice, the less-than-idyllic, often brutal realities of Iowa farm life during the Great Depression. The language is spare and funny; the subject affecting. For anyone who has ever farmed, Long Gone rings true. And for any reader, Long Gone is a piercing, authentic memoir of American life."
-- Nicola Smith, Harvest: A Year in the Life of an Organic Farm

BUY "LONG GONE" NOW: $20.00 (Free shipping!)


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Paperback: 192 pages/ Publisher: Greenpoint Press; 1st edition (10/01/07)
ISBN-10: 0975976028/ ISBN-13: 978-0975976029


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